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Horsemanship Blouses are a cut above at Belle Haven Equestrian

We have worked hard to custom develop the pattern for our back zip horsemanship blouses in a comfortable and classy bodysuit style. Every Belle Haven Equestrian made blouse is made of sturdy 4 way stretch material or lycra blend, to your measurements and lavishly adorned with Swarovski, Austrian and Czech Republic glass crystals. Each of our large crystals are hand sewn to ensure you never lose an ounce of sparkle. Horsemanship blouses are available in solid or patterned fabric, with or without Ultrasuede appliques. Our custom made prices range from $900-$1900 depending the design detail, amount of applique work, number and type of crystals. It is our joy to provide quality boutique garments that are handmade, here, in the USA with every attention to detail you could desire.

royal blue back zip 1_edited_edited.jpg
navy stipe hms bodysuit_2_edited.jpg
BHE Red Gold Black HMS Blouse back.jpg
BHE Dragon Scale Bronze navy rust_edited.jpg
BHE Emerald & Gold HMS Blouse.jpg
BHE HMS Turquoise purple 2.jpg
BHE Gold Turquoise & Bluebell HMS Blouse front.jpg
BHE Turquoise & Bluebell HMS Blouse back_edited.jpg
BHE Star Spangled Cutie 3_edited.jpg
BHE Navy Stripe HMS 2.jpg
BHE Colonial Red HMS Blouse_edited.jpg
coral turquoise bodysuit_edited.png
purple turquoise back zip 2_edited.jpg
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