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Light Colorado Topaz - Non-Hotfix, Flatback, Sew On Glass Crystal: 12mm Square x 40pc/tray, 14mm Square x 28pc/tray, 16mm Square x 24pc/tray or 22mm Square x 15pc/tray.

Gorgeous high quality shine on these premium K9 Glass Crystal, AAAAA, bevelled edge Flatback, Sew-On, shape Light Turquoise / Aquamarine / Aqua / Lake Blue Squares in 12mm, 14mm, 16mm or 22mm. USA boutique inspected for colour accuracy and quality. Scratch and Chip resistant compared to other brands. Forget that peeling foil backing and discoloured surface! Available for immediate shipping from Florida. Consistent colouring with Swarovski Light Turquoise. Also looks great with: Preciosa Aqua Bohemica, 7386 Splash Blue, 2908 Sky Blue, and 7325 Lupine (Ultrasuede ST).

Light Colorado Topaz - Sew On Crystal Square

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